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Percy Harvin to the New England Patriots? Why not?

The budding consensus among those with a line into Percy Harvin suggests that he might stay in the AFC East, or at least pay a visit to the New York Jets' biggest rival if a reworked contract cannot be figured out.

On Tuesday, The Boston Globe's Chris Gasper added to the mix by saying that New England has "always liked" Harvin, and that the Pats traded out of the No. 23 pick in the 2009 draft because Harvin was nabbed by the Vikings at No. 22.

From where we're sitting, the answer is pretty obvious: Why not?

New England has absolutely nothing to lose from here after clinching their fourth Super Bowl title since 2001. Even if, in four years, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick retire together having not made another playoff appearance, their legacies have been cemented.

This is why adding a dynamic player like Harvin should seem like a no-brainer. He can add firepower to an offense that already out-dueled the best defense in football. He can take some pressure off Brady and put limitless possibilities on the table for offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

It's easy to say that because Harvin has a questionable reputation, New England would be the perfect fit. We have no way of knowing whether that is true.

But it is pretty easy to say that Belichick would not be criticized heavily for swinging and missing on a move like this based on his track record.

And if you have the chance to add a dynamic 26-year-old wideout heading into the prime of his career, why not do it?

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