Paul Posluszny helps neighbor during hurricane prep

Jacksonville is now expected to take the most "concentrated impact" from Hurricane Matthew, according to CNN, but with the Jaguars on a bye week, most of the players were able to get out of town a long time ago.

At least one member of the team made sure his neighbors were protected before taking off.

According to CBS47/FOX30 down in Jacksonville, linebacker Paul Posluszny was still there on Thursday helping his next door neighbor put up hurricane shutters.

Having covered a hurricane and tropical storm for The Star-Ledger in New Jersey, I can personally attest that storms have the ability to bring out the best in everyone. Posluszny, originally from Butler, PA, probably had a thousand different places he could have been on Thursday afternoon and certainly the means to get there.

While this will get attention because of who Posluszny is, his act of kindness will hopefully inspire us to recognize everyone who is on the ground helping to keep everyone safe.

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