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Patriots prepare for second look at 'Wildcat' offense

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick is preparing his team for another look at the Dolphins' unusual "Wildcat" offense.

Anatomy of a Play

Miami unveiled the tactic -- in which a running back takes a direct snap from the center -- in its 38-13 win over New England in the third week of the season.

The Patriots visit Miami on Sunday.

Belichick said Monday that even though the element of surprise is gone, it's still a difficult offense to stop. Belichick said the Dolphins add new wrinkles to their Wildcat plays each week.

"They have pretty much changed something every week. They do something different off of it each week," Belichick said. "(They) either change the formation (or) add a play or two. They run it out of different personnel groups so they have done a great job of changing it up, making it hard to defend, getting the ball to players who can make plays: (Patrick) Cobbs, (Ricky) Williams, (Ronnie) Brown, (and have) thrown a few passes off it. They have done a great job."

Both teams are 6-4 and tied for second in the AFC East, one game behind the New York Jets. A Patriots loss would leave them 0-2 against the Dolphins and at a disadvantage in the first tiebreaker for a playoff spot -- head-to-head record.

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