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Patriots' Jamie Collins prefers flying below the radar

PHOENIX -- New England Patriots second-year linebacker Jamie Collins boasts the highest game-to-fame ratio in Super Bowl XLIX.

Despite a meteoric rise from part-time starter as a rookie to All-Pro consideration this season, Collins has yet to gain the household-name status enjoyed by the Seattle Seahawks' Legion of Boom superstars.

Collins' seemingly limitless potential was recently highlighted by NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth, who asserted during the Divisional Round victory over the Baltimore Ravens that the freakishly talented linebacker "can be as good a player as there is in this league."

Asked by Around The NFL if he has been overshadowed by Seattle's historically great defense, Collins passed on the opportunity for self-promotion.

"No. I just stay in my lane," Collins said. "I'm not big on hype. That's not me. They can have it. I'm cool."

This isn't a case of false modesty.

Collins offered a similar response when informed of Collinsworth's praise two weeks ago.

"I take all that in when I hear about it but I try not to get too deep into that," Collins explained. "That's not my cup of tea. I've never been that type of guy. It's all good hearing things like that, but I try to stick to me. I always do me, regardless of the circumstance."

Collins won't sing his own praises, so we will do it for him.

Essentially a cornerback trapped in a 6-foot-4, 250-pound body, Collins is the rare linebacker capable of hanging with bigger wide receivers, tight ends and running backs in coverage while also disrupting quarterbacks in the pocket. There might not be a more versatile defensive player in the NFL.

If Collins continues his torrid play this week on the game's biggest stage, the All-Pro selections and Pro Bowl berths will follow -- whether he cares for the hype or not.

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