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Patrick Mahomes, Mitchell Trubisky among most interesting picks of Round 1

A lot went down on Day 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft, including threebigtrades that resulted in the Bears (Mitchell Trubisky), Chiefs (Patrick Mahomes) and Texans (Deshaun Watson) gaining quarterbacks. These trades shook up the pecking order, scattering some of the top defensive talent throughout the first round.

This poses the question: What was the most interesting pick of Round 1?

The Chiefs trading up for Patrick Mahomes caught my attention. I'm curious to see whether Andy Reid and the staff think Mahomes is a developmental quarterback -- or that he just brings more to the table than Alex Smith. What is the plan here, exactly? Why give Mike Glennon a significant starter-type contract in free agency and then -- with so many other needs to fill, and so many superb defensive players available -- give up draft currency to move up to take a quarterback who really shouldn't play this year? The Bears essentially paid the price for a starting quarterback twice in the same offseason.

Mostly, I'm interested to see how John Fox, who has to be on the hot seat this year, manages this situation and what it might say about a front office/coaching staff split. This might not seem like an obvious answer, considering everything that went down in Round 1, but I've got to go with Solomon Thomas. He is a versatile defensive lineman with a ton of talent. I won't be surprised if this kid is the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Nobody saw the Bears trading up for quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Chicago has plenty of other needs -- defensive line, offensive tackle and wide receiver -- and just handed Mike Glennon a three-year, $45 million deal. I'm confused by this selection. The Chiefs taking QB Patrick Mahomes was intriguing. My reasoning is he has the most natural throwing talent of anybody in the draft -- but also is the most undisciplined QB. Since the Chiefs don't need him now, this could help in his development. It's Mitchell Trubisky, hands down. The Bears had other needs and gave up a lot to get Trubisky -- after just signing Mike Glennon. We'll be taking about this trade for a while. The Chiefs moving up 17 spots to select Patrick Mahomes II. It was no secret the Chiefs were thinking about a quarterback of the future. What was intriguing was the bold move general manager John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid made to get him. This means they see Mahomes as something more than just a talented player they can develop into a productive starter. They clearly see him as a potential superstar, one who can carry this team to a championship someday.

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