Patrick Mahomes confident deal will get done in time

Patrick Mahomes doesn't yet have a lucrative, long-term contract, but he also doesn't have to consider the possibility of free agency for two years.

The Chiefs' exercising of Mahomes' fifth-year option came as little surprise, as Kansas City had an opportunity to maintain contractual control of Mahomes for one additional year at a rate lower than he would command with his first free-agent deal. It's safe to expect a new deal will get done well before his current one expires.

"Obviously I want to be a Chief for a long time," Mahomes told reporters Friday. "I want to have a contract that says that and I can go out there and know I have that security. I understand and trust the Chiefs organization and everybody in it that they're gonna handle it the right way.

"I trust my representation that they're going to ease my mind and let me go out there and just love the game I love playing. So for me, whenever that happens, it happens. But I'm gonna focus on being the best football player I can be every single day."

A clear mind can go a long way for a player, especially a former league MVP who won Super Bowl LIV and the game's MVP award. Kansas City clearly has its franchise quarterback in Mahomes, whom they expect to continue to excel in such a role for many years to come. With two years left on his current deal after picking up the fifth-year option, there's no rush -- eventually, he'll become the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. It's simply a matter of time.

As for Kansas City's goal of repeating as champions, Mahomes feels his team won't let complacency get in the way of such efforts.

"I think as a team a lot of the times when you win that Super Bowl you kind of relax," Mahomes said. "You feel like you've done it. You went out there and accomplished your goal and you relax a little bit during the offseason.

"But I think with our team, the little bit of a difference we have is it feels like every single guy on our team after we won the Super Bowl ... we definitely celebrated for a week or two ... and then after that it was that mindset that we're going to get back after it. We want to do this again.

"We're bringing all these guys back. We're bringing most of our crew back. We're excited for the opportunity to (go) out there and compete again. I think having that mindset will hopefully keep us from relaxing or anything like that."

As any champion will tell you, repeating is more difficult than reaching the mountaintop the first time. The Chiefs are fully equipped to do just that, and will have to hope their process and good luck on the injury side of things will lead them to another meeting with the Lombardi Trophy. Sixteen games and playoff contests create quite a set of obstacles to clear, but they've done it before. With Mahomes leading the way and free of stress of looming free agency, they'll aim to defend their place on the NFL's throne.

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