Pat Williams says Frazier told him Vikings want him to return

The Minnesota Vikings might have their vaunted Williams Wall for one more season after all.

Pat Williams, who'll be a free agent once the NFL lockout ends, now pegs his chances of returning to the Vikings as 50-50, he told *The Star Tribune* on Friday night, just before teammate Ray Edwards' boxing debut in Hinckley, Minn.

Williams, 38, said he talked to Vikings coach Leslie Frazier last month during the short time that the lockout was lifted by a Minnesota court, and the defensive tackle received assurances that the team wants him to return. Williams previously said he didn't trust the Vikings, with whom he has spent six seasons after eight years with the Buffalo Bills.

"It's just guys up in the office, man," Williams said when The Star Tribune asked him whom he didn't trust. "You know how the front office is. It's just certain guys up in the office. I don't have a problem with Coach Frazier. Me and Coach Frazier talked. We talked a lot of times. It's just people up in the office, man. With a lockout going on now, it's all the same. Business."

Williams also said he was cleared to lift weights last week, after he recovered from offseason surgery to fix a torn left triceps. And when he does return, there's the whole matter of a four-game NFL-imposed suspension. In March, the Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld the league's right to ban Williams and his linemate, Kevin Williams, after they tested positive for a banned direutic in 2008.

Kevin Williams, 30, decided not to appeal that decision, but Pat Williams isn't giving up.

"We're hoping everything gets solved ... so we don't get suspended, but if we do, we do," Pat Williams told The Star Tribune on Friday.

Kevin Williams jokingly added: "With all this (lockout stuff) going on, maybe they'll forget about it and we can go on with our regular work. If it happens, it happens. I found a great place to work out in Little Rock. I'll be there getting ready and see you in Week 5 if that's the case."

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