Panthers GM Dave Gettleman gets to say 'I told you so'

While most general managers on playoff teams won't admit it, the end of the season press conference feels pretty good. Especially when most of your decisions were questioned thoroughly throughout free agency and the beginning of the season.

For Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman, the opportunity came during an impromptu session on Thursday, where he delivered some gems on his offensive line signings and the way he went about replacing injured first-round pick Kelvin Benjamin.

"When Kelvin went down, people wanted me to sign every 95-year-old receiver who ever put pads on," Gettleman said, via Black & Blue Review.

He was then asked what his biggest signing of the offseason was, to which Gettleman said offensive tackle Michael Oher.

"And I got killed for that."

Oher started all 16 games for the Panthers at left tackle this season and was a strong run blocking presence, which helped the Panthers' offense reach a new, dynamic level in 2015. And Gettleman's hesitance on signing another wide receiver led to Cam Newton force-feeding players like Ted Ginn, who is tied for the most multiple-touchdown games in the NFL this season.

Perhaps this really was all part of his vision. Gettleman certainly had the chance to sign Hakeem Nicks and make a power play for Reggie Wayne. When Carolina was undefeated at the trade deadline people were still clamoring for them to make a move that could provide Newton with someone else to pass to.

But Greg Olsen has done just fine.

There are years when this works out beautifully, and years when it feels really good to say: "I told you so."

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