Pages from Packers' playbook fly off Green Bay garbage truck

ALLOUEZ, Wis. -- Pages from the Packers' special-teams playbook landed on a Green Bay area street after a waste recycling truck lost part of its load Tuesday.

Brown County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Vogel was checking for speeders Monday on a street in Allouez when he saw papers flying from the back of a Waste Management truck.

Vogel said the paper was scattered for a half block and was creating a hazard. And when he started picking up the paper, he was surprised to see pages from the Packers' special teams. Vogel figured the Packers would want to know what had been scattered, so his supervisor contacted the team.

Packers spokesman Aaron Popkey said the team isn't concerned that any sensitive material was revealed. Popkey said anything important is shredded and then recycled.

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