Pagano: I 'stay in my lane' with Andrew Luck rehab

A few weeks ago, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported that Andrew Luck was progressing in his throwing program. From offseason surgery, it has been a long grind to reformulate his throwing motion and increase the strength in his throwing shoulder.

During the team's Week 1 preseason game against the Lions, both owner Jim Irsay and general manager Chris Ballard confirmed that Luck was at least throwing in some capacity.

But as we sit here, less than two weeks before the Colts' season opener against the Los Angeles Rams, head coach Chuck Pagano has told reporters that he hasn't seen Luck throw a pass yet.

"No," Pagano said, via The Indianapolis Star. "Most of the time he's in the training room, we're in meetings, doing such. I kind of stay in my lane."

When told by a reporter from the Star that it was hard to believe Pagano had not seen his quarterback throw, the coach had this:

"You're entitled to whatever you want to believe."

Video of the exchange is here. Pagano is smiling nearly the entire time which complicates any interpretation. There's a good chance he's simply tired of the Luck questions, which have been relentless since the quarterback's surgery in January.

As difficult as it is for Colts fans to accept that they won't see Luck until they see him, that might be their only option at this point. What other way is there to ask someone when he'll be ready? As just about everyone around the organization has said publicly, this is about way more than the season opener, and when it comes to the muscles which your franchise quarterback uses to throw a football, one can never be too careful.

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