Packers WR Davante Adams on incredible rate of production: 'It's what I expect to do'

In the last three weeks, Davante Adams has caught 30 passes for 422 yards and six touchdowns.

That type of stat line typically resides next to the name of a second or third receiver on a team, and is seen as a solid contribution over a season. Adams has done that in less than a month, providing a major spark to a Packers team that sorely needed it and putting Adams in the top 10 of the league's receiving rankings.

Adams, understandably, is feeling pretty good about himself right now. When asked if he thinks he's the best receiver in the NFL, Adams was honest Thursday night after Green Bay's 34-17 win over San Francisco.

"Yeah, I think that's fair to say," Adams said. "I think that's not being conceited. That's just confident."

The numbers don't lie. Adams stands inside the league's top 10 in receiving despite playing in just six of the Packers' eight games so far this season. He entered Thursday night leading the NFL in targets per game and receptions per game, was tied for the lead in receiving touchdowns and ranked second in receiving yards per game, and managed to find a way to increase most of those categories with his Thursday night performance.

"It's what I expect to do," Adams explained Thursday. "It's just about emptying that tank, man. I've got a lot to give. I'm relied on a lot in this offense and I've got a very talented quarterback."

Adams obviously benefits from playing with future Pro Football Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers -- who threw a touchdown pass to Adams that was so beautiful, Adams said "it was almost so perfect that it threw me off" -- but Rodgers also benefits from playing with Adams. His production in the last three weeks hammers home that point, especially in Week 8, when Vikings coach Mike Zimmer dedicated his defense to taking Adams away from Rodgers, and the wideout still scored three touchdowns.

"He's such a great player," Rodgers said of Adams. "He's tough on matchups. He's able to create so much space with his release pattern. He's got enough speed to get on top so you can't necessarily play low and expect certain routes. We hit him with a lot of different things tonight. ... He's so talented. He can do it all. Handles himself the right way and just a joy to play with. Special guy."

It's evident in his mile-wide grin Rodgers is enjoying himself when the Packers are winning. With Adams, the chances of winning are much greater, as are his chances of finishing the season near the top of the receiving marks in the NFL this season.

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