Packers-Texans, Giants-49ers, Cowboys-Ravens headline Week 6

If you glanced at the schedule before the season, Green Bay Packers at Houston Texans was an obvious game to circle. A presumptive Super Bowl favorite with a balanced attack vs. a team with plenty of potential trying to find its way.

Bet you never would've thought Houston would be the complete team and Green Bay would be collecting itself, trying to figure out how to retain its juggernaut status.

The well-rounded Texans might be reeling from the loss of linebacker Brian Cushing, but that's just one key cog in a defensive machine. Meanwhile, the Packers have taken some hits on the offensive side of the ball: Greg Jennings is dealing with a nagging groin issue, while Cedric Benson will be on the shelf for quite some time with a Lisfranc injury. And never mind the fact that quarterback Aaron Rodgers hasn't been himself.

By saying to 540 ESPN in Wisconsin, "I haven't played as well as the expectations are, obviously," Rodgers made the necessary concession. Beating the Texans at home, snapping their undefeated streak, and doing so in front of an entire nation? That'd be a bigger step. Can't wait for this one.

Here is your Week 6 primer, with games ranked in order of intrigue, from 1 to 14:

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