Packers still making case for Green Bay to host draft

Now that the NFL draft is a traveling roadshow, could one of the next stops be Green Bay, Wisconsin?

The Packers have submitted proposals to host each draft between 2019 and 2021, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. At the Annual League Meeting last week, team president Mark Murphy made his case.

"We've put some thought into it," Murphy said. "I think with Titletown being up and running then, it'd be a nice way to showcase some of the things that we've done to Lambeau Field and around the stadium."

For those unaware, here are Green Bay's plans for the Titletown DistrictMurphy was referring to. His comments come around the same time that Kansas City Chiefs president Mark Donovan told the Kansas City Star that his home city is also quite serious about pushing for the draft.

Speaking as a visitor of both cities, I think most who have gone to a football game in Kansas City or Green Bay would say why not? Both teams have passionate fan bases and excellent home cities with plenty to offer by way of food, drink and lodging. What else could a traveling football fan ask for? That seems to be the one, over-arching advantage of moving the draft around. Those interested enough in going from city to city get the unique chance of experiencing all that enemy territory has to offer. Fans who have yet to make it out to Green Bay for a game -- or a draft -- are missing out.

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