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Packers' Rodgers pursuing different records during lockout

Replace a legend? Check.

Win a Super Bowl and be selected the game's MVP? Check.

Start a record label? If you're Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, why not?

Rodgers has been working with a band called The Make from his hometown of Chico, Calif., and getting his new record label -- Suspended Sunrise Recordings -- up and running during the lockout, according to television station KRCR.

"This is the first step in the process," said Rodgers. "My business partner and I have been working for a couple of years trying to put this whole thing together. We're excited about starting the process, to see what happens with this band. Obviously football is my first priority, music is my passion after that."

The band shot its first video, for a song entitled "Get It," on Sunday at a Northern California bowling alley.

"We needed a bowling alley for the shoot," band member Jeff Schneeweis said. "We contemplated going to L.A., but we live in Chico. There happened to be a bowling alley up in Paradise that was perfect for the job."

Time will tell if Rodgers has found the perfect side job.

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