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Packers' McCarthy: Bishop's hit on Newton a 'perfect tackle'

After reviewing the tape of Sunday's tougher-than-expected win over Carolina, Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy saw nothing flagrant about Packer linebacker Desmond Bishop's hit on Panthers rookie quarterback Cam Newton.

McCarthy thought Bishop's play was a classic example of a "perfect tackle," in fact.

McCarthy was described by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as vague in his criticism of the hit, which drew a 15-yard rouging the passer penalty, to avoid a fine from the NFL. It was clear, however, McCarthy believed there was nothing objectionable about the play. Bishop hit Newton in the mid-section and drove him into the ground to draw a flag. The referee reportedly told Bishop that he lifted Newton up on the play.

"I'll just say this, the hit that Bishop put on Cam Newton in the game, that's the highlight tape we showed for our tackling drill today," McCarthy told the Journal Sentinel. "That's exactly how you're supposed to tackle through the offensive ballcarriers."

To prove his point, McCarthy had his players participate in a drill that featured that exact kind of tackle during Thursday's practice, the newspaper reported.

Bishop said he was surprised at the call during Sunday's game and he wasn't about the change his tackling philosophy.

"I'd do it the same," Bishop said.

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