Packers' Davante Adams on drops: 'It's hard to let it go'

Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb has taken it upon himself to build Davante Adams up. In his mind,everyone is trying to tear him down.

And while, from a player standpoint, that can mean blaming the media for pointing out simple facts, it does sound like Adams is struggling mentally. There is no question the former second-round pick has talent, but a mounting drop rate has caused some visible issues within the Packers' offense.

"It's hard to let it go," Adams said, via The Press-Gazette. "You really want to have that, they call it, the DB (defensive back) mentality. Just let it go, and go to the next play. Forget about it. But it's hard."

He's right. Talk to certain football players and they'll say that the act of pass catching is the closest thing they can come to Steve Sax syndrome in their sport. Compared to everything else they have to do, it is a relatively simple act placed atop a mental mountain.

According to Pro Football Focus, one site that attempts to track receiver drops, Adams is tied for sixth in the league with seven. Interestingly enough, he's tied with Cobb.

Amid Green Bay's current slump, though, it's Adams who has taken a majority of the blame.

Aaron Rodgers has worked so well over the years because of an inherent trust he has with his receiving core. There is a reason someone like James Jones can wander off the street and back into Lambeau Field to put up double-digit touchdowns.

But the drop rate almost certainly has contributed to the gigantic offensive hiccup that has been 2015 so far.

Overcoming the issue is not as easy as extra practice. This is going to take time and it's probably going to take Rodgers trusting Adams in a big spot again. It's going to take head coach Mike McCarthy playing Adams in big spots again, too.

It's also going to take Adams some time to realize that he's not the only one who drops a ball every now and then.

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