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Owen Daniels aims for career in weather after football

When Owen Daniels looks to the sky as he discusses plans for life after the NFL, just know that he's not searching for an answer.

Daniels likes weather. A lot. Back in his college days at the University of Wisconsin, he majored in atmospheric and oceanic science. The 10-year veteran has dipped his toes into the industry in recent years, appearing on The Weather Channel and offering football Sunday forecasts on local news telecasts. The man is serious about this.

"I don't want to work too hard anyway when I'm done," he confessed on Monday at Super Bowl Opening Night. "I want to play a couple more years. ... I do want to work in weather in some capacity when I'm done. I've been trying my best the last couple of years to get my foot in the door and get out there and do some forecasting for home games and stuff like that. It's been a lot of fun for me. I spent a ton of time on that in college so I kind of want to put that degree to work when I'm done."

Around The NFL asked Daniels if he's been geeking out about El Nino.

"It's been interesting. The whole El Nino thing coupled with climate change stuff, it's exciting time if you're in weather. Things are changing, they're less predictable then they might have been. Just crazy things going on."

The forecast is looking clear for Super Bowl Sunday. We asked Daniels if part of him wishes El Nino would wallop Levi's Stadium. If nothing else, it would be pretty cool for a weather nerd to play in the El Nino Bowl.

"Absolutely not," he replied with a laugh. "I want perfect weather, exactly what's forecasted. Couldn't ask for anything better than what we're looking at for Sunday. I know a week ago there was rain in the forecast. Things change as you get closer to the day. I'm glad we're having great weather -- El Nino can take a backseat this weekend."

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