Osweiler plays eternal waiting game behind Peyton

Brock Osweiler has dutifully served as Peyton Manning's backup for three years. In that time, Osweiler has thrown all of 26 passes, which truthfully, feels a touch on the high side considering Manning's unquenchable thirst for PT.

But on Sunday, a hope burned inside Osweiler. The Denver Broncos were crushing the Oakland Raiders, the score sitting at 41-10 as the final seconds of the third quarter melted away. As the Broncos punt return team took the field, Osweiler ran for his helmet, a grin stretching across his face. This was his time.

Then, heartbreak. Osweiler turned to see ol' Peyton jogging back to the huddle. Osweiler's smile disappeared as he slipped back into the shadows. The apprentice would wait once more.

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