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Orlando Scandrick shows no mercy playing 'Madden'

There are three irrefutable rules for playing Madden "the right way" against a human opponent. If you break any of them, it speaks to your character as much as it does your playing style.

1. Do not go for it on fourth down in inappropriate circumstances.

2. Do not go for 2-point conversions after every touchdown.

3. Do not onside kick unless the situation truly calls for it.

I'm tempted to add "4. Don't throw it to your tight end every f** play," but ultimately, that's a personal problem I have in my coverage schemes. If you follow the above three rules, you have my respect as a player.

Which brings us to Orlando Scandrick. The veteran cornerback was among a group of Cowboys players who spent part of their Tuesday at a local children's hospital. The players took turns taking on children in Madden, and that's when we learned what Scandrick was really all about.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Scandrick's punter got the game off, too.

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