Only Tim Tebow can make the New York Jets No. 1


The idea to draft Matt Barkley doesn't hold the same weight his week after another USC debilitating loss to Arizona and a possible embarrassment this week against Oregon. In fact, you might argue most of the teams on this list would be better off with Oregon coach Chip Kelly next year, and not Barkley.

Undaunted though, we will continue our look at those teams competing to be the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, no matter who the top dog is. And until we have a better name, we will continue to refer to this space as the fans for Barkley.

And without further ado ...

Dropped out:Detroit Lions (3-4); Cleveland Browns (2-6)

Rex Ryan should be in consideration for coach of the year. There is nearly no NFL-caliber talent on this team, yet they somehow managed to win three games. Even taking the Patriots to overtime was a minor miracle. But that's not the kind of coaching that is going to make you No. 1. Here's the deal, if you start Mark Sanchez, you have a chance to earn the top pick in the draft. If you put in Tim Tebow, you will just about guarantee it. If the Jets want to be the top team, only Tebow can deliver it.

But to have Tebow serve on the punt protection team is a nice start.

It seems strange to have a team led by Drew Brees in the bottom of the NFL rankings, but you are what your record says you are. And if the record doesn't say this is a very poor team, certainly the beatdown in Denver certainly did. The big fear with this team is they will end up with a Tim Duncan-like situation where a pretty talented team lands a franchise-type player because it will finish so far down in the draft.

The Panthers were a little more competitive this week against the Chicago Bears than in most games, and nearly blew the whole thing this week. But thankfully, the defense allowed the Bears to drive down the field for the winning field goal as time expired to retain its lofty position.

The Jaguars showed some fight in Green Bay, which isn't a surprise. Aaron Rodgers doesn't look at his October calendar and plant a big, red circle over the Jaguars on the schedule. The Jaguars made things uncomfortable for the Packers, but did what they do best, and that was to ultimately lose. The boys from Lynyrd Skynyrd had the right idea when they suggested the Jags get Tebow. See, that's the spirit. Skynyrd knows what it takes to be No. 1.

Congratulations to coach Romeo Crennel, who was committed to not put the ball in Jamaal Charles hands, but he also played coy about it in the postgame press conference. "Oh, Jamaal Charles? Yeah, I was wondering why the Raiders didn't run the ball with him more. Wait, he's on my team? I had no idea."

Well played, Romeo. Well played. Too bad you won't be the one to enjoy Geno Smith next season.

I said this last week; nobody rallies for a meaningless regular-season win like the San Diego Chargers. And even then, the Chargers couldn't match seven points against the Cleveland Browns (I told you, the hot streak in Cleveland is coming). Now it's a big week for the Chargers. Do they go out this week, and beat the Chiefs and this leads to another mediocre season at 8-8, an extension for Norv Turner in the sake of continuity, and ultimately given the Chiefs the inside track to No. 1? Or do the Chargers really want to compete for this thing?

This is going to be a big week for both our top teams this week.

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