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Oklahoma's Kyler Murray reportedly up to 206 pounds

The biggest questions for Kyler Murray this week during the NFL Scouting Combine won't be tested on a football field. The key queries will be answered in meeting rooms and by a scale and measure.

Murray displays dynamic passing and playmaking ability on the football field, with the biggest drawback being that some teams might find him too small to be comfortable investing a high pick on the quarterback.

Murray was listed at 5-foot-10, 195 pounds by Oklahoma. Most believe the signal-caller is slightly shorter and played closer to around 190 last season.

Since the end of the season, Murray has bulked up.

Peter King, in his *Football Morning in America* column, reports that he's heard Murray is up to 206 pounds.

Murray's slight build will scare some NFL scouts more than his height. Luckily the quarterback can do something about the latter. Bulking up for the combine shows Murray can add additional weight to help protect himself from the 300-pound men trying to break him in half.

Russell Wilson is the go-to comparison for sub-6-foot quarterbacks, but the Seattle Seahawks signal-caller weighs in at 215 pounds. If Murray gets closer to that figure than the mid-190s, it could quell some concerns NFL personnel people will have about his supposed slight build.

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