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Odell Who? Beckham, Browns get last word in win

In his triumphant return to MetLife Stadium, Odell Beckham soundly answered the sports world's most pressing question.

Odell Who?

The inquiry wasn't being asked by any talking heads or opposing players but by Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, whose comments about the star Cleveland Browns wideout not being one of the most dynamic players in the NFL capped off a week-long war of words prior to Monday night's clash.

All of the chatter helped set the stage for the accomplished, uber-talented receiver to show Williams (and the Jets' secondary who had the displeasure of covering him) what he's capable of. Pretty sure you can guess where this goes.

By the time the dust literally settled after Beckham (6 receptions, 161 yards) torched Gang Green for an epic 89-yard catch-and-run touchdown in the third quarter, the Browns were comfortably ahead en route to a 23-3 win, affording OBJ the chance to finally answer Williams' retort with one of his own.

"Who? Who is it? Oh. Everybody has their right to their own opinion," Beckham said following the game when asked about Williams' jab. "He's a phenomenal coach and he's got a great defense, but I'm done talking about it. We won, so I just try to make plays to help the team."

The comebacks didn't stop there as Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry had some fun talking about how dynamic they think the wideout is.

"He said that? Jesus," Mayfield said in disbelief about Williams. "That's ... next question. Not a dynamic football player? OK." He followed that shot by calling OBJ's jaw-dropping one-handed catch along the sideline in the first quarter "pretty dynamic."

Regarding the speedy TD run, Beckham's best bud Landry was beaming with pride, saying post-game, "I mean, it's perfect for a guy of his caliber. I heard he wasn't the most dynamic player in the NFL. And he does things like that on a daily basis and it's what to expect to come."

Beckham would later tell NFL Network's Kimberly Jones that, unlike what he told reporters at the podium, Williams' words added fuel to his fire.

"I just want to thank him, you know," OBJ said. "Just thank him for inspiring me and motivating me to show people who I really am. I'm just happy I can make plays to help this team."

With Week 2 in the books, Beckham added that he now has the closure he felt he needed on the New York chapter of his life and the evening will endure as both a cherished celebration and a moment of growth.

"It'll be a night that I won't forget. As you grow, you have different life experiences, you see things differently," he said. "Just being able to come out the same tunnel, different team against the Jets, having the Jets fans welcoming me. ... It was a lot of love in here tonight, and it was a truly special moment for me."

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