Odell Beckham won't feed into Jalen Ramsey's antics

Once upon a time, Odell Beckham lost his cool. OK, maybe a few times.

But one memorable moment came in a 2015 game between the Giants and Panthers, with Beckham squaring off with cornerback Josh Norman and plenty of clashes following. This time around, Beckham faces a similar matchup against the league's new top corner, Jalen Ramsey.

Fresh off a massive financial affirmation of love and appreciation from the Giants, Beckham has turned over a new leaf. He's a wiser, more mature man -- and Ramsey's antics will not crack his smile.

"I don't want to say I'm a different person but I have different outlooks and perspectives on things," Beckham said Wednesday, per the New York Post. "I've had a lot happen and you take it and learn and grow from it."

It also helps that Beckham and Ramsey are friendly opponents, having spent some time together in the offseason. Friendly competition is the new name of the game. Well, maybe not that friendly.

"I'm sure it won't be as friendly as it was over the offseason," Beckham said. "We're both very very competitive. I know that for sure."

No more holes punched in walls of opposing stadiums. No more spats with kicking nets. And no more in-game feuds. This is New Odell.

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