Odell Beckham to campers: Giants will be in Super Bowl

The granddaddy of all training camp tropes is the misunderstood Super Bowl non-guarantee that gets treated like a guarantee, and boy do we have a good one.

Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, speaking to a group of children at his Citi Odell Beckham Jr. Football Pro Camp in Boonton, New Jersey, on Tuesday said the following (via The New York Post):

"Just chase your dreams, man. ... Chase 'em. You never know where you'll end up if you don't go for it.

He added: "Most importantly, go Giants this year! Super Bowl LI in Houston. We will be there."

A sampling of a few headlines that were generated out of this utterance: OBJ says the Giants will play in Super Bowl 51, and Odell Beckham Jr. sets sights on Super Bowl.

This is a master class on simply reading the headline vs. the tired act of actually venturing into the body copy. In nearly all reports, the writers captured the lightness of the moment perfectly and did not push the narrative, but something tells us we'll be subjected to at least one professional hot taker on Wednesday smashing Beckham for guaranteeing a trip to the Super Bowl.

While no writer is at fault for reporting the words, it's interesting to see how far the NFL has come over the years. In Joe Namath's A Football Life, legendary sports writer Dave Anderson of the New York Times said he didn't write about Namath's guarantee on the night of the statement because Namath "said virtually the same thing" all the time. Imagine if that would have happened now? What on earth did Joe Namath say at his football camps?

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