Odell Beckham's one-handed TD snag is best of Week 15

It's every week with this guy, isn't it?

In Cleveland, he tallied two touchdowns -- one on a speedy slant against Joe Haden -- and nearly broke a third on a winding punt return. Against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, Beckham sped off on another slant for a 61-yard touchdown to secure the Big Blue win. Well, this week, he was at it again, locking down another accolade by going back to his bread-and-butter: His sticky mitts.

Odell Beckham's one-handed snag-and-score topped Week 15's Top "Performance Moments of the Week", presented by Bridgestone.

Beckham's athletic superiority is well-established around the league and yet teams still can't find a way to neutralize the multi-faceted wideout. So when Eli Manning is struggling (and this season that is often), he targets OBJ -- on slants, on posts, on screens and even on goal-line out routes.

For most of Sunday's win, New York's offense stalled against the Lions defense, but in the fourth quarter, Manning and Co. finally mustered a productive drive, reaching the red zone in five plays thanks to chunk plays to Beckham and Sterling Shepard. Up four points with a third-and-1 from the Lions' 4-yard line, New York had one more opportunity to extend its lead to double digits. So Ben McAdoo dialed up a play for his one reliable playmaker.

Manning took the snap in shotgun with Odell in the slot to his right. Thanks to a miscommunication in the Lions secondary, no one tracked Beckham when he took a sharp cut toward the sideline. However, Eli's pass drifted wide of Beckham, forcing the wideout to go out of his way to secure the ball.

No matter. OBJ palmed the errant pass with his left hand, corralling it into his stomach as he neared the pylon. With one step before exiting out of bounds, Beckham spun his weight around and fully extended the ball over the goal line with his left -- again -- for the win-securing score.

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