Odell Beckham 'optimistic' Giants extension will come

Contract negotiations between Odell Beckham and the Giantsreportedly accelerated this week, and the receiver expressed hope Saturday that his desired extension is coming in the very near future.

"They'll get it done when they get it done," Beckham told reporters. "Let my agent and them figure it out.

"Optimistic? Yeah, I'm optimistic. It'll all work itself out. Life always does."

The Giants wideout has decided not to hold out as he awaits a lucrative long-term deal to keep him in New York for the forseeable future. Beckham has just one year on his rookie contract.

After his colleagues from the 2014 draft class signed big-time deals this offseason -- Sammy Watkins and Brandin Cooks signed for over $16 million per year with the Chiefs and Rams, respectively -- Beckham is looking to sign for even more with Big Blue. But OBJ isn't getting hung up on the details at this moment.

"Who doesn't want to get more money -- everybody does. You got to be realistic with yourself. You see what happened over the offseason," he said. "Can't really worry about anybody else. Just let them figure it out and whenever it happens, it happens."

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