Odell Beckham misses Giants practice Thursday

Odell Beckham (hamstring) will not practice with the Giants on Thursday.

The dynamic wideout injured himself in Sunday night's thrilling win over the 49ers, but actually re-entered the game on the final drive. Beckham's early career has been dotted with hamstring issues, though he hasn't missed any time this season.

As the son and stepson of Olympic sprinters, Beckham's knowledge of and care with hamstring injuries is probably far more acute than some of his teammates. Though he's gotten plenty of flack for the way he approaches injuries, he's proven himself a commodity far too valuable to experiment with.

The final verdict for Beckham will be sent down sometime Friday, though Giants head coach Tom Coughlin isn't a fan of giving substantial playing time to those who don't practice.

Beckham is obviously an exception which is why this story isn't done quite yet.

In a crucial divisional matchup against the Eagles, Beckham's ability to stretch the field against a suspect secondary would be crucial. However, with the division mushed into a four-car pileup, teams are keeping the long haul in mind. Having Beckham in November and December is far more important.

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