Odell Beckham makes up with kicking net after TD

Odell Beckham's been under a lot of stress lately.

The Giants wideout's sideline demeanor was the focus of myriad warm-to-fiery takes after Beckham earned an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against the Vikings and appeared to shed tears. Monday night's antics came one week after he got into another tiff with his old buddy Josh Norman and, despite winning the battle, took his frustrations out on an innocent, unsuspecting kicking net.

Couples fight. We get it. A bad day at the office gets the best of you every now and again.

But Odell, the self-aware millenial that he is, knows the best part of fighting in public is making up, which is why on Sunday night, in front of the world, he returned with open arms to his beloved kicking net.

Twitter of course noticed Beckham's change of heart (and insane catch):

Listen to Odell, people. Call your loved ones tonight. Tell them you're sorry. Yeah, the world's crazy, but not as crazy as you are about your significant other/net. Cue it up.

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