Odell Beckham, Josh Norman aren't done trading barbs

The most memorable feud of 2015 has some legs.

Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Panthers cornerback Josh Norman infamously brawled their way through a Week 15 game last season, engaging in a level of Mortal Kombat that paved the way for the NFL's new automatic ejection rule. Nice legacy guys!

So yes, it would probably be best if these two extremely talented gentleman leave the past where it belongs, but there are television shows to appear on and Twitter feeds to populate. So when Norman was asked by ESPN on Friday his thoughts on Beckham as a receiver he would only twice offer a tepid, "He's OK." This happened to be the same day that Norman appeared on NFL Network (magic!), where he left Beckham off his top-five list of wide receivers.

Mr. Beckham felt compelled to respond.

Basically, Beckham has taken the viewpoint Kanye West holds on Taylor Swift in his new album. This is the "I made that (expletive deleted) famous" stance.

Norman was not referenced directly, but he got the message. The inevitable retort:

Just 167 days until the season starts.

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