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Ochocinco throws with Pryor, says QB 'has all the tools'

Along with soccer and bull riding and frequent Twitter antics, Ochocinco has made it a goal during the lockout to catch passes every starting quarterback in the NFL, as well as one hoping for a future in the league -- former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

"Yesterday was my second day throwing with Pryor. Dude's arm strength, timing was unbelievable," Ochocinco told ESPN's "Waddle and Silvy" show Friday. "I don't care what ESPN says, I don't care what they report, I saw it with my own eyes. ... Listen to what I'm saying: With the right coaching, he can become a great NFL quarterback, because he has all the tools."

Pryor, a three-year starter for the Buckeyes, announced last week that he is giving up his senior season while the NCAA investigates Ohio State players getting improper benefits, including tattoos, cash and possible sweetheart deals on cars in exchange for memorabilia. Pryor has admitted he broke NCAA rules by accepting improper benefits from a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner.

Ochocinco said that, along with Pryor, he's thrown with 13 NFL quarterback during the lockout -- and is waiting for Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler to return his invitation to workout together.

"I've been bugging everybody's quarterback in the NFL, including my own. One of the things that I wanted to do during this offseason is actually throw with every NFL quarterback from each team ... just to do it," Ochocinco said. "Just because I can. It's a lockout. So it would be fun. I never have the opportunity to play on certain teams, to be able to play with guys I enjoy watching, like (Michael) Vick and Cutler, and quarterbacks of that nature. It was something I wanted to do -- and it was Cutler's turn next. And he has yet to return my call."

Ochocinco said he'd be "really upset" if he's not a member of the Bengals next season, but said "it would be amazing" to join Cutler's Bears. when asked if that would be a fit.

"Regardless of where I end up, I'm going to make it happen. It doesn't matter where I go. That little tiny light I have is going to shine regardless."

He stressed that losing has "been somewhat of a tradition for so long (in Cincinnati)," that he's simply tried to make things fun again for the franchise. He claimed that none of his teammates would call him a "distraction," saying he doesn't drink or smoke or cause trouble. 

"I play the game the way the game should be played. I'm not a robot," he said.

Certainly not this offseason, as he's grabbed headlines undertaking a wide variety of non-football-related pursuits.

"The definition of having fun is what I've done this entire lockout. Just having fun, just living life," Ochocinco said, adding that organized team activities, OTAs, have been replaced this offseason by "Ochocinco Twitter Activities."

"The soccer was the most fun," he said. "And being able to make the reserve team, that's enough for me ... just to be able to do that was awesome.

"The bull riding was fun. I think that was, like, the ... scariest thing I've ever done in my life ... there was a point where I really wanted to turn around and say, 'You know what, I can't do it,' but I had already took the flight, I was already there. The chance of me actually getting hurt on that bull is the same as winning the lottery -- you know, slim to none."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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