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Ochocinco gives Pats teammates state-of-the-art headphones

The Patriots already will be arriving in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI nattily attired with a fresh pair of UGG boots. Now, courtesy of wideout Chad Ochocinco, they'll be outfitted with state-of-the-art headphones for their nearly three-hour flight out of New England.

Ochocinco bought each one of his teammates a pair of Beats by Dre "Beats Pro" model headphones this week, according to the Boston Herald.

The headphones sell for $399.95 a pop, according to, and are described as "the reference headphone designed by audio professionals for audio professionals. Particularly, those who prefer a clean yet forceful sound."

The Herald reported that all of the headphones run Ochocinco close to $28,000, a small figure compared to the $6 million he made this season.

Based on a few of his teammates' Twitter posts, Ochocinco's gesture was greatly appreciated.

"Thanks ocho.. You the man," wrote offensive lineman Nick McDonald.

"S/O to the big homie @ochocinco for buying the whole team beatsbydre's!!!! #fresh," Pats safety James Ihedigbo said.

On Friday, according to The Boston Globe, UGG gave the Patriots free boots for making the Super Bowl. Each player received a box with a pair of shoes and a note reading, "Congratulations for making it to Super Bowl XLVI, the Uggs team."

But in a surprising move, considering Tom Brady is the company's spokesman, the Globe reported that the New York Giants all received free boots, as well, ensuring a comfortable flight to Indianapolis for Eli Manning & Co.

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