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Ochocinco draws inspiration from owner, eyes snake wrangling

If nothing else, Chad Ochocinco has proved this offseason that he's up for any challenge.

And while his soccer tryout was cute, and the bull riding was brave, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver's latest plan might qualify as downright crazy.

"I've partnered with Snake Jungle to go out and become the first black #SnakeWrangler," Ochocinco tweeted Wednesday. "Thanks to my owner Mike Brown for the great idea."

He was referring to Bengals owner Mike Brown, who offered his opinion on Ochocinco's colorful offseason during an interview Tuesday.

"He's going to do the things he does. Next maybe he'll be a snake wrangler and we'll watch to see if he gets bit," Brown said at the NFL Spring Meeting in Indianapolis. "He's always up to some stunt. They amuse me in a way."

Brown's off-handed riff turned into inspiration for Ochocinco, who's apparently looking for any way to pass the time during the longest work stoppage in NFL history. The owners locked out the players March 12.

"I'm going to be a #SnakeWrangler, I got the awesome idea from my owner, catching a Black Mamba and a King Cobra #EPIC," Ochocinco added. "Does anyone know these snakes I'm gonna catch, Taipan, Blue Krait, Eastern Brown Snake, Rattle Snake and the Death Adder."

It remains to be seen if Ochocinco is serious or simply exhibiting online courage, 140 characters at a time. His track record makes going through with it a genuine possibility.

"Chad has a genius for bringing notice to himself," Brown said Tuesday.

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