O'Brien wants to meet free agents before they sign

In a move that highlights both the pitfalls of modern free agency and the breakneck pace at which general managers and coaches have to operate in order to better their teams, the Texans handed Brock Osweiler more than $70 million without an in-person meeting.

The MMQB dove deep into the team's decision on Tuesday morning, with an emphasis on fixing the problem in the future. Should the NFL provide a legal tampering window that involves the players as well? Is there a fair way to set up a network of visits over five days so that players can be sure they gel with a new coaching staff?

"There really should be a period where, say a week before free agency, a guy can make some trips," Texans coach Bill O'Brien said. "Without that, you have to find a way to research guys, but without seeing him and talking to him face-to-face, there's always going to be something missing."

This is one of the million reasons why teams do their best to keep good quarterbacks. O'Brien has film, but other than 21 total appearances and 305 total passing attempts to see, there is a reliance on second-hand information. He can -- and did -- speak to Osweiler's former coaches in college and likely extended his research network to the Texans players in-house that he is allowed to talk to. But even after all of it, after the contract was signed and the news conference took place, O'Brien got to hand him a tablet and ship him out the door for another month.

If nothing else, the MMQB column sheds light on what might be the biggest risk any team has taken this offseason. Coaches and general managers are ultimately judged on wins, and wins are (typically) driven by responsible quarterback play. What if Osweiler doesn't like the way O'Brien rides his quarterbacks? What if the offense in Denver was tailor-made for his skill set? This is the side of free agency that keeps coaches up at night.

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