Not many differences between John Cena, Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing people in sports (if not the most) and he could find a kindred spirit in John Cena. I made the comparison between the two way back, but since Cena never changes his character and won't turn heel even though we're all begging for it, let's take a look once again.

And with Cena's name still a hot topic, thanks to his title shot with the Rock, we're going to find out just how similar he and Tebow are.

And the winner? I knew it, they are the same guy. It's deadlocked at 9-9. Although, I still won't root for Cena.

If you remember The Rock from his days as a defensive tackle for the University of Miami (or if you're a huge CFL fan), then you'll probably enjoy this Who tweeted it: RG3 or The Rock?

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