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Norv Turner has message for Bridgewater critics

Norv Turner said this week that the fallout from Teddy Bridgewater's Pro Day was so fortuitous that, in 10 years, it will look like he planned it himself.

What other way to explain last year's most promising rookie quarterback nearly falling out of the first round completely?

During Bridgewater's workout, he struggled with a drill that forced him to throw over raised brooms, which simulated an oncoming pass rush.

Turner's take: "Someone should take those brooms and shove them up someone's backside," he told

Gross. But he makes a valid point.

If Bridgewater continues to develop into the quarterback he looked like a year ago, there will be at least two teams -- Cleveland and Jacksonville -- kicking themselves in the long run.

Depending on what happens in Houston, the Texans might also have a case of the Bridgewater Blues in years to come.

If nothing else, it serves as a reminder that coaches and executives should use this time chiefly to verify medical records and get to know the players they want to draft instead of gluing themselves to Pro Days and hanging on meaningless drills.

In our piece about the history of scouting, former Giants general manager Ernie Accorsi longed for the days when the NFL Draft took place right after the end of a season. It gave people less time to change their mind.

The way Turner is talking, a few more people might feel that way in the coming years.

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