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Nobody is immune from the Monday Nightmare

Famous people, they're just like us! It seems that everybody is bothered by Shanahanigans. But if you are looking for a connection, realize Mike Shanahan once was an assistant in San Francisco and he was likely unaware he carried the Shanahanigans gene, because it was dormant. But it clearly sprung to life at the worst possible time.

I imagine Mr. Eisen needed more than the three points Gore delivered on Monday night. 

But Gore wasn't the only one who disappointed.

Wow Jamie, how did you even manage to tweet that out? I'm telling you, that loss would have gutted me. You had a quarterback and his top receiver against a guy who played a receiver who rarely sniffs the end zone. I almost would have been too cocky about it heading into Monday night. (And I'm the same guy who sweats out 52-point wins on Monday night.)

I feel for you. More than you would know.

Wow, poor bastard.

As you can see, it feels a lot better to get it all out. Well, not really, but that's what I tell people. Actually, misery loves company and I have a lot of it today. So let's share, shall we?

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