No tryouts for free-agent RB Maroney, but why?

We saw a revolving door of running backs on the Tuesday circuit of workouts, with some teams hosting four or more at a time. There has been no shortage of journeymen and older veterans getting a looksee.

But nothing at all for Laurence Maroney -- not a single tryout.

This seems odd to me. Can't imagine he's not worth a workout somewhere to see exactly what kind of shape the former Patriots' top pick is in. How can it hurt?

The marijuana charge he faced in Missouri turned out to be nothing. There was recently a directed verdict in that case, meaning the prosecution could not make its case and no defense was required. Maroney is cleared of any wrongdoing and not subject to discipline.

Maroney is still only 26 years old, and while things have not gone great for him since falling out of favor in New England, I can't help but think as depth concerns arise he couldn't be a possibility somewhere in some running back rotation.

At this stage of his career, Maroney compares very favorably with where Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson were producing at a similar stage. Given some of the running back cattle calls that have been going on, I'm surprised Maroney hasn't even gotten a call.

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