No surprise that Favre wants to stay working in football

It never seemed realistic to think that Brett Favre and football would be forever separated.

You can take away offseason workouts; the man pretty much followed lockout rules before there were lockout rules. You can take away training camp; his preferred schedule had pretty much come down to none-a-days.

But the football just seemed like something that would stick to Favre like, say, the inability to make a firm decision.

During a recent interview with a Hattiesburg, Miss., television station, Favre might have provided a hint about his potential plans after his latest "retirement" as an NFL player (he actually did file official papers with the league in January). And it shouldn't come as a shock that it could involve remaining in football.

Favre mentioned that he could go into coaching or perhaps try his hand at being an NFL television analyst. Perhaps the most interesting part of what he said was that he didn't see himself becoming "a full-time coach anytime soon at any level."

So could that mean that Favre, as was speculated last month, could opt to return as a player-coach?

Dots were connected then between Favre and the team that drafted Cam Newton because they have the same agent, Bus Cook, and the rookie could use the mentoring of an experienced pro. I shot down the notion in this space then. I'm still not holding my breath on it becoming a reality.

My guess is that the Carolina Panthers wouldn't see much value in trying to have Favre help with teaching Newton a fairly complex offensive scheme that likely would be difficult for the veteran to grasp, let alone a rookie.

But whether it's being a player-coach of the Panthers or a full- or part-time coach or an analyst, is it any surprise that Favre can't detach himself from football?

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