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No charges to be filed against 49ers' Ray McDonald

The Santa Clara District Attorney's office has declined to press charges in the Ray McDonald case due to insufficient evidence.

The San Francisco 49ers defensive end was arrested in late August on suspicion of committing domestic violence against his fiancée.

The district attorney's office cited conflicting versions of the incident, a lack of verifiable eyewitnesses and a significant lack of cooperation by McDonald's fiancée as reasons charges were not filed.

"Left with insufficient evidence, it is not permissible -- by policy or law -- to charge a crime," the statement read.

"All domestic violence complaints deserve our concern, sensitivity and careful review," Santa Clara County (Calif.) district attorney Jeff Rosen said in a statement. "After our thorough review of all the facts, we do not have evidence sufficient to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. McDonald committed a crime against (the fiancée)."

McDonald has started all nine games this year, as the Niners were adamant about allowing the legal process to run its course before taking any action.

"The issue of domestic violence is important to us, as it is throughout society. We have taken this allegation seriously, just as we have taken the principles of due process seriously," the team said in a statement released Monday, via NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

"We have said from the beginning that we will consider the information available, allow the facts to lead to our decisions and respect the judicial process. Based on the information available to us and the District Attorney's decision not to file charges, there will be no change in Ray's status with the team."

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