No break for toughness: Lions' Hill on field days after surgery

Detroit Lions quarterback Shaun Hill provided yet another example of his above-average toughness, participating in a player-organized workout Tuesday -- just days after undergoing back surgery.

Hill, who started 10 games this past season despite sustaining a broken forearm and finger, was limited to some light throwing and jogging during Monday and Tuesday sessiosn with approximately 35 teammates at a suburban high school, the *Detroit Free Press* reported.

"It's kind of been bugging me for a while, but last year, (I) was able to get through the season," Hill said. "I had a little injection before the season, and it helped me out and got me through it. This year, the injection didn't quite help, so I opted for the surgery."

Hill anticipates a full recovery from the procedure in four to six weeks.

"It's been great," Hill said. "I'm six days post-op, and I'm running a little bit. I can't throw extended stuff. The rotation, I don't want to overdo it there. But I feel great. I'm glad I did it. Wish I would have done it earlier."

Starter Matthew Stafford and fellow backups Drew Stanton and Zac Robinson also participated in the workout, which included full offensive sets and plays because most of the team's offensive personnel attended.

"I think kind of the idea is to do a little bit more each day and, by the end of the week, hopefully, get some two-minute stuff re-installed and things like that," Hill said. "We're trying to squeeze in, I guess, 12 or 15 (Organized Team Activities) into four days here, but do it smartly and not hurt the guys."

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