Niners QB Smith: Contract talks can wait until offseason

Alex Smith is in the midst of the best season of his seven-year career, leading the San Francisco 49ers to an 8-1 record.

Smith also is playing under a one-year contract he signed after the lockout.

Those two factors might lead one to believe a new deal is at the front of Smith's mind -- and he wouldn't be the first player this year to be embroiled in a publicized contract dispute. But that's not the situation in San Francisco, the 49ers signal-caller said Wednesday.

"Not something I've talked about, or even really thought about," Smith told the San Francisco Chronicle. "It's so early. I'm focused on playing football. That's not something I would want to think about in the middle of the season, to be honest with you. It's so fun coming to work every day with the group of guys we have, and doing what we're doing. So, not thinking about that right now."

Smith did not state his desire to remain in San Francisco, but the Chronicle reported he has no qualms with putting off any contract talk until the offseason.

"I just think with the guys upstairs, (general manager Trent Baalke), coach (Jim) Harbaugh, that's something that we can deal with later," Smith said.

Smith has flourished under the Niners' first-year coach, ranking sixth in the NFL in completion percentage (64.0) and seventh in quarterback rating (95.8). Smith has 11 touchdowns to only three interceptions this year, and his fourth-quarter passer rating (117.6) tops all QBs.

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