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Niners OL Davis still will tweet despite controversial posts

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis is toning down his tweets.

After a series of profanity-filled boasts on his Twitter account following Sunday's 25-19 road upset of the previously unbeaten Detroit Lions, the second-year offensive lineman quickly deleted his posts. He was encouraged to do so by the team, but will continue tweeting -- just in a more thoughtful way. Quiet in the locker room, he is one of San Francisco's most animated players when it comes to tweeting.

On Monday, it was a simple "Back to work." And a shout out to his offensive line.

"I was excited. I was having fun," Davis said of his Sunday tweetcapades.

One such post that stayed live on his account: "Dont take twitter serious you end up coming off as a Dip---- w your correct grammar and all.. lol its entertainment loosen up (expletive)."

Some of Davis' stronger weekend entries were directed at Lions fans or in response to those supporters' tweets, and he insists he meant no harm. He said in no way did he intend to agitate some already frustrated Lions fans.

"I deleted them because people, it meant too much to them, I felt. I didn't want to stress them out," Davis said, noting some fans were "out of control, just Lions fans. I understand. They were angry."

Speaking of angry, it was Davis who found himself right in the middle of the fray trying to play mediator when Lions coach Jim Schwartz chased down Jim Harbaugh after the 49ers coach's rapid handshake and slap on Schwartz's back when they met at midfield.

Davis appreciates Harbaugh's highly competitive nature, and so do his teammates.

"Usually a team takes on the character of their coach," Davis said.

Notes: The 49ers began to go their separate ways Tuesday for the bye week. ... NT Isaac Sopoaga on Tuesday explained the infection that limited him in recent weeks. "That's what everybody thought, that it was staph, but it was nothing," he said. "It was just a cut on my skin and I didn't take care of it."

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