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Niners LT Staley: Rebuilding 'a waste to guys like me'

Top to bottom, the San Francisco 49ers own one of the worst rosters in the NFL. Following a disastrous one season under Jim Tomsula, the Niners could be in for more pain as Chip Kelly retools.

Many have already termed the 2016 season a "rebuilding" year.

Veteran left tackle Joe Staley rejects that label.

"You see the results last year. That's not what we wanted," Staley said, via CSN Bay Area. "I can see where people make the assumption it's rebuilding and stuff. But as players, you never look at a season as a rebuilding season.

"It's a waste to guys like me, guys that have been coming to the end of their career a little bit. We can't waste years for rebuilding. I'm trying to win right now, so we got to do everything we can to win football games this year."

Staley's stance is understandable. Football is too brutal a job to walk into thinking you will waste an entire year. Players must prepare to win and play in the moment. As one of the team's best players, and few remaining leaders, Staley understands the importance of facing each practice and game with the belief that your effort and pain is worth the price.

That doesn't change the fact that the roster has more holes than a golf course.

The 49ers' brass chose not to utilize free agency to address the talent that has departed the past two seasons. They do own a dozen draft picks, which means Kelly -- with Staley's help -- will be breaking in a stockpile of young players.

"We have the 12 draft picks," Staley said. "This is all front office stuff. I approach every season the same, trying to do my job the best I can and try to help the team win football games. That's why we're all here.

"As far as rebuilding and all that stuff, I don't look at any of that stuff. We have guys who have to step up and have to play well. But we're all paid to . . . we're all brought into the NFL as a rookie, as first- and second-year guys to win football games."

Unless Trent Baalke and Kelly hit a ton of home runs on those rookies, there won't be a lot of games won for the 49ers in 2016.

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