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Niners' Davis no longer playing host to postgame party

On second thought, Vernon Davis won't be hosting an after-party following Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the New York Giants.

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The San Francisco 49ers star tight end, who staked his place in team lore with last weekend's game-winning touchdown catch against the New Orleans Saints, surrendered hosting duties for a postgame party at a popular San Francisco dance club, the Bay Area News Group reported Friday. The party gained national attention when the story was picked up by the New York Daily News earlier that day.

The club told the Daily News that the party was not a sign of overconfidence on the part of the 49ers.

"We've been getting a little bit of fuss about it and that's not what it is at all," club spokesman Jamie Burwood told the newspaper. "It's not a victory party. It's a party celebrating the 49ers' season for making it so far. The party is going on win or lose. Vernon Davis will be there win or lose."

Now that Davis is off the party-planning committee, however, Niners fans no longer have to worry about any potential jinxes. It should be noted that Davis hosted a similar shindig following last week's win, and Niners coach Jim Harbaugh didn't seem bothered by Davis' intentions at the time.

"What our guys say and do, I trust," Harbaugh said before Davis withdrew his name as host.

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