Niners' Celek: Chip Kelly's offense is 'kind of genius'

The San Francisco 49ers still have a week to go before organized team activities, but it didn't take long for new coach Chip Kelly's players to figure out his offense would be markedly different to what they ran last year.

"It's a lot quicker," tight end Garrett Celek said, via the Sacramento Bee. "We have hand signals, so you can't have 15 words through hand signals, stuff like that. It's got to be: boom, boom, boom. So when you got less verbiage, it's easier to remember. It's kind of genius."

"There's a reason we can go so fast," Celek added. "It's a simple offense. Once it clicks, we can just go, go, go."

It's funny now to see Kelly's "simple" offense being associated with the word "genius" again. Though it's likely just the effect of dramatic change, it was Kelly's limited playbook that drew ire from players and executives in Philadelphia. It was mistakenly believed to be the main factor in the DeMarco Murraydebacle.

The truth is that all of the best offenses, including the Peyton Manning offense and the offense run by Tom Brady for the better part of the last decade, are relatively simple by player standards. A simple offense run by a capable quarterback over time can be customized and enhanced, and that is likely Kelly's hope moving forward. It was also the reason why he pushed so hard for a franchise-type passer in Philadelphia.

All eyes will be on Kelly because of who he is, but comments from Celek are encouraging for those who don't want to see his offense change. In Philadelphia, Kelly fell victim to perception. With everyone crowning him a "cutting edge" coach, there was little breathing room in the eyes of decision-makers when the win total dropped. Cutting edge can be scary if there is no precedent.

Now, there is little breathing room in San Francisco, but only between huddles. Kelly's power spread is back for another season.

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