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Niners' Anquan Boldin: Jim Haslett is 'irrelevant'

The Washington Redskins are having a heck of time gaining relevancy in NFL circles this season.

After an October matchup, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman took aim at Pierre Garcon, stating the Redskins wide receiver "doesn't matter in this league."

San Francisco 49ers veteran Anquan Boldin offered a similar assessment of 'Skins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett on Sunday.

Believing he was hit late out of bounds, Boldin threw the defender's body off of his own. Haslett promptly got in his face, and the two exchanged a few words.

"He's irrelevant," Boldin said of Haslett after the game.

Haslett's defenses haven't cracked the top 20 in points allowed one time in the past decade.

League-wide respect comes naturally to organizations that build consistent winners. The Redskins have three seasons with a winning record in the past 15 years.

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