Nicks, Odell Beckham break ice by measuring hands

What happens when a former superstar first-round pick wide receiver meets a current superstar first-round pick wide receiver?

Of course. They measure the size of their hands against one another.

This seems...weird. Right?

Both Beckham and Nicks have abnormally large hands. This we know. Both have had their abnormally large hands covered extensively in the media and both have used those abnormally large hands to haul in tons of big catches for the Giants over the years. So we guess curiosity just got the best of them. Either way, sounds like a shaky way to start off your positional meetings.

Seeing both of them together, though, must invoke some weird feelings from Giants fans. There was a time before the 2012-2013 stretch where Giants fans legitimately worried that the team may only be able to keep either Victor Cruz or Nicks.

The numbers ended up shaking out the way they did, and even though Cruz has struggled to stay healthy, he was the better option long-term in New York on an expensive deal. Nicks, meanwhile, has struggled to find a tryout.

But now he's back alongside Beckham, and Cruz is nowhere to be found. Nicks is only 27 and has plenty of time to turn his career around, but at the moment, he's at least giving Giants fans a look into an alternate universe.

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