Nick Mangold 'caught off guard' by Jets release

Former Jets center Nick Mangold was hoping to convince the Jets he could stay.

"I was hoping there was going to be a negotiation of some sort to get something worked out," Mangold told The New York Post. "But when you're told, 'Hey, we're cutting you, and good luck,' that really caught me off guard."

The team released Mangold earlier this week after 11 seasons with the Jets.

Mangold told the paper he was taken by surprise.

"Yeah," he said. "There's a lot of people in that organization, not just players, that have affected my life and been a part of my life. But you have your equipment staff, your training staff, coaches that have come through, front office staff, marketing, ticketing, the kitchen staff, the operations ... There's a whole bunch of people in that building who have been around for a long time, that it's difficult that I'm not being able to have a proper goodbye and say goodbye to those people at the office 'cause now I'm a free agent. I'll have to call to be able to go over to the facility.

"I don't think my code's going to work anymore."

While this is part of the football life cycle, Mangold was a rock for the Jets during the height of the franchise's modern success with back-to-back trips to the AFC Championship Game under Rex Ryan in 2009 and 2010. He was also a loyal soldier during their epic fall from grace, which began with the superstar-loaded Jets team of 2011 and the Tim Tebow experiment in 2012.

The positive for Mangold is that there is always significant interest in cerebral interior offensive linemen. He would not rule anything in the future and thinks he can still play.

"Feel pretty good," Mangold said. "I've been rehabbing like crazy trying to get the foot back to health as I can. Otherwise, the body feels great, and hopefully we can get that healthy, pass the physical and get ready to go."

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