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Nick Foles' record day, Schiano's collapse lead Week 9 stories

So, Week 9 is shaping up just like we all predicted. Tony Romo threw a bad fourth quarter interception, and still managed to win. Rex Ryan defeated Rob Ryan as the Jets defeated the Saints (not a typo), and the Chiefs are 9-0 heading into their bye. Yep, just like all of the pundits had it lined up at the start of the season. Yet those weren't even the wildest stories of what has been a fantastically entertaining week of football. I'm still a little wired from all the craziness, so let's get to it -- it's The Fifth Down.

The Nick Foles Quarterback Clinic is now open

Remember during the 2013 NFL Kickoff game when Peyton Manning made headlines for tying a record with seven touchdown passes, a record that hadn't been matched in 44 years? Well, it only took eight weeks for that record to be matched again. And, it came as no surprise that it was Nick Foles who tied the record. OK, maybe that was a tremendous surprise. Regardless, Foles dropping a 40-burger on the Oakland defense is one of the million reasons we love football -- anything can happen on any given Sunday. And if you need to win a bar bet in the coming weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles are the only team with two quarterbacks to throw for seven touchdowns in a single game, as Adrian Burk accomplished the feat in 1954 as well. You're welcome.

That's So Schiano

Tampa Bay brought the House of Pain to the home of the 12th Man early, taking a 21-0 lead on a Mike Jamesjump pass to Tom Crabtree. Yet, the Buccaneers allowed Russell Wilson and the Seahawks to claw their way back into this game, with the Seahawks eventually winning in overtime. It was a fitting footnote on the troubling season of Greg Schiano and the Bucs, conceding a lead in such an unspectacular fashion. No jokes necessary, aside from the "That's So Raven" reference in the headline of this section. Not sure what I'd rather watch... that Disney Channel disaster on repeat or another Buccaneers game. Both are equally unsettling on the eyes and mind.


Despite his fratty demeanor and all around Gronkiness, I love Robert Gronkowski. I honestly think the NFL needs personalities like him, and if a television network actually picks up "The Gronks" as an animated series, you can bet I'll be tuning in week after week. So even though Gronk's performance on Sunday destroyed one of my fantasy teams (and any remaining hope I had at reaching the postseason), I was happy to see him look like his old self again, scoring touchdowns and spiking the ball as if it were an empty red solo cup.

Rich Eisen has a doppleganger

Next time Rich Eisen needs an extended vacation, we know who to call. This guy.

Hello Brady, my old friend

In the days leading up to Week 9, the sports media spinning with reasons as to why Tom Brady was struggling thus far in his 2013 campaign. His receivers can't catch the ball! He's old! His hand is swollen! Well, Tom Terrific was totally terrific on Sunday with both Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola at his disposal, as the Patriots dropped a 50-burger on the once proud Steelers defense and racked up 610 yards of total offense. Yes, Brady has had his struggles this season. But let's cool it on the over-reactionary talk, shall we? Tom Brady is still Tom Brady after all. Perhaps, he just found a little extra courage during the Halloween holiday.

Tony Romo leads a fourth quarter comeback as only Romo can

Twitter was heating up after Tony Romo threw a fourth quarter interception against the Minnesota Vikings, as the Romo-haters and general football fans were waiting, 140-character daggers raised, to stab Tony Romo's internet likeness over and over once again. Well, Romo put them to rest and gave the Romopologists something to cheer for and load into their arsenal of "But what about..." arguments the next time Romo collapses in a big game. Romo's drive was impressive, but in true Romo fashion it couldn't be 100% clean or clinical. He did have this little incident where he pegged a ref with the football. Otherwise, job well done Tony.

Fantasy Football sacrificial lamb of the week: Terrance Williams

Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver Terrance Williams took the fantasy world by storm over the last few weeks as he became one of Tony Romo's favorite targets and hauled in a touchdown pass in four straight games (a Cowboys rookie record). Williams flew off waiver wires in leagues across the country, and was poised for another big game against the Minnesota Vikings porous secondary... until he became the Week 9 Fantasy Football sacrificial lamb of the week. Williams' targets transitioned to Cole Beasley and the ageless Jason Witten. Williams had a mere two catches for 33 yards as the Cowboys eeked out a victory over the surprisingly competitve Vikings. Kudos to Terrance Williams for accepting this award like a true professional. I'm sure there are many more bright fantasy days in his future. Sunday just wasn't one of them.

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