NFLPA releases appeal letter

The NFLPA's letter for Tom Brady's appeal was made public Friday morning, after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appointed himself to hear Brady's appeal.

The letter was written before Goodell's decision, but it contains a summary of some of the arguments the player's union will make while arguing Brady's case. We'll include a brief summary of the letter:

  1. The appeal argues that NFL Executive VP Troy Vincent should not be able to determine discipline. It should have been Goodell or a hearings officer.
  1. It argues that the suspension is reliant on the Wells Report, which the union beieves did not definitively prove Brady was guilty.
  1. The Union argues that Brady's punishment is not consistent with past precedent. (The NFL would argue there is no true past precedent for this case.)
  1. Based on previous history between the player's union and NFL, the union says a neutral arbiter is necessary to hear the appeal.

Goodell clearly did not heed the last request when he appointed himself to hear Brady's appeal. In the letter, the NFLPA/Jeffrey Kessler wrote they intended to call Goodell as a witness in the appeal.

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